Practitioners at WKC

Lorraine Milligan, CMWK, LMT, LE



Lorraine Milligan, CMWK, LMT, LE has over 25 years of experience serving New Mexico in various allopathic and natural medicines. This gives her a broad range of knowledge to fit the needs of her patients. She has a master certification in Wholistic Kinesiology and is licensed in massage therapy and Esthetics. She has certification in EFT and Colon Hydrotherapy as well. Lorraine has extensive knowledge of methylation pathway analysis and genetics.





Phoebe Conway, CWK

Phoebe Conway, LMT, LE, CWKI was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. I have 2 kids and a 4 year old grandchild. I am very passionate with everything I like to do in life. I was a member of The Albuquerque Ballet Company for 20 years and still love to dance any chance I get. I began working on Environmental Illness and energy fields when my mom got sick in 1990. I became fascinated with everything there was to learn about it and continued my interest in alternative health remedies. I am very thankful for this path I have chosen and love my work.
Licenced Esthetician, Advanced Wholistic Kinesiologist, Methylation, Trained by Dr. J Dunn and keeping up with her newest research.



Dr. Maureen Coleman, RN, DC, CWK

Dr. Maureen ColemanDr. Maureen Coleman graduated with a BS in Nursing. She worked in a variety of nursing specialties before getting her Chiropractic degree from University of Western States in 1989. Dr. Coleman practiced a broad range of Chiropractic, focusing on neurological problems and chronic illness. She also studied the role of epigenetics – how our genes contribute to aging and various chronic ailments. Additional post graduate studies in cellular reprogramming therapies, botanical medicine,prolo/neural injection therapy, and functional medicine were obtained earning her the distinction, Advanced Practice Certified Chiropractic, in 2011. Using kinesiology, laboratory testing, eg. hormone levels, heavy metal, genetics testing, low level light therapy and nutrients, Dr. Coleman’s approaches are non- invasive and appropriate for all ages and conditions. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, hiking, and partner dancing.







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