Methylation Update

With Methylation becoming a real buzzword in the natural healing world, lots of practitioners are jumping on board.  There are many opinions out there about how to handle methylation defects and how to evaluate them.  What I have learned in the last two years is that it is a complicated and very individual process.  One thing that is certain is that you cannot treat each genetic variant in the pathway by itself.  The variants all have an effect on each other, so to say that you should take methylfolate if you have a MTHFR defect is very short sighted. I consider it a symphony where all parts of the pathway need to be working together to make the cells and the body sing!

We have been using the MTHFR Support reports to go beyond the genetic genie report.  This has given us some insight to the other genetic variants that can affect the balance of hormones, enzymes and detoxification ability of our health. All of which can impact the methylation pathways. It is important to determine as many variants as possible and address all that we can together.

Using the methylation vial kit and kinesiology, we can begin to determine which areas of the pathway are being affected.  If you find a substrate (such as folic acid) weak with the vials you can begin to suspect a genetic variant in the conversion of folate to methylfolate (MTHFR).  If your patient tests weak to vitamin D, adding vitamin K2 and vitamin A with it and they test strong, then we suspect a variant in the Vitamin D receptor gene. (VDR) These particular variants are very detrimental to our overall health.  Not being able to absorb Vitamin D as you can imagine will lead to susceptibility to cancers of all kinds, chronic infections, immune system dysfunction, not to mention osteoporosis and bone mineral density issues.

We have developed a number of aids in assisting with trying to evaluate the methylation process.  Using the kits mentioned above and the methylation charts either static (available on this sight) or interactive chart (available for sale) we can really get a good idea of where the blocks are and develop supplement regimens that help the body function normally.  We also have guides to the genetic variants (SNiPs) and vial tester guides available on request.  (see email below).

When all variants are either bypassed or helped with cofactors, many symptoms begin to disappear rapidly. The first things we see happen are mood begins to lift, focus and concentration are better, energy is better.  Over time, pain in joints lifts, digestion improves, leaky gut repairs, food and environmental allergies improve or disappear, chronic infections of all kinds resolve (I’ve even seen Lyme and EBV clear up!)

We are truly getting deeper than ever to the real causes of disease instead of treating symptoms or the results of genetic variants.  This is a very exciting time for natural healing!

Dr. J Dunn

If you would like a consultation and  analysis of your genetic reports email (Standard hourly fee will apply).


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