Methylation Test Vials

Basic Methylation Test Vial Kit

This methylation test kit is designed for Kinesiologists who are analyzing the methylation pathways.  The kit contains 60 vials with metabolites from around the methylation pathway, the krebs cycle, the pentose phosphate pathways, etc.

The new black plastic box is sturdier and you can lay the box on the body while touching each of the vials individually, instead of pulling the vials out one at a time thus saving time in the office visit.

Cost is $245 per set. (Includes free shipping to continental US)



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Advanced Methylation Test Kit

We’ve added new testers and updated the old ones to include some new genetic variants that are relevant in the pathways.  New knowledge about genetic variants is constantly becoming clear as new studies link them with imbalances in the body and disease causing potential.  We try to keep our materials updated to keep up with the new information as it becomes evident. Take your methylation practice to a whole new level!

Cost is $245 (Includes free shipping to the continental US)



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Hormone Test Kit

New Kit!!  We are bringing out the new seminars on Hormones this year.  We are looking at hormones in a whole new way, through the lens of genetic variants that keep us from having optimal hormonal balance.  In the seminars you will learn how to spot the genetic variants and use nutrition to up regulate your hormones to achieve optimal health.

The Kit is $245 which includes free shipping to the continental US.



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Empty Test Kit Box

Black Pastic Container for test vials (Fits 60 vials) $30 (Includes free shipping to continental US)

Empty Test Vial Box

Empty Test Vial Box



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