Methylation Pathways Interactive Computer Program

The Methylation Interactive Program is designed to be a computer based teaching aid either in the clinic when talking with patients or at home for deeper understanding.  The interactive notes on the chart contain a wealth of information about the genetic SNiPs, how to challenge for them (using kinesiology) and what remedies can be used to “clear” or compensate for each genetic challenge.  In addition, there are many other pages to the chart that give more information on each of the variants, biochemical pathways that are related and so much more. This program can be downloaded on two computers for your personal use.  Once you purchase the program, an email will be sent to you with instructions on getting the program on your computer. It works on both MAC and PC (Unfortunately the program doesn’t work  on iPads or tablets yet). You MUST have the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program downloaded to operate the program. Please read and follow the instructions in the email!



The Interactive Methylation Program for computers

The Interactive Methylation Program for computers $155

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