Maureen Coleman, BSN, RN, DC, APC

Promo_MC 2015Dr. Maureen Coleman graduated with a BS in Nursing. She worked in a variety of nursing specialties before getting her Chiropractic degree from University of Western States in 1989. Dr. Coleman practiced a broad range of Chiropractic, focusing on neurological problems and chronic illness. She also studied the role of epigenetics – how our genes contribute to aging and various chronic ailments. Additional post graduate studies in cellular reprogramming therapies, botanical medicine,prolo/neural injection therapy, and functional medicine were obtained earning her the distinction, Advanced Practice Certified Chiropractic, in 2011. Using kinesiology, laboratory testing, eg. hormone levels, heavy metal, genetics testing, low level light therapy and nutrients, Dr. Coleman’s approaches are non- invasive and appropriate for all ages and conditions. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, hiking, and partner dancing.

Quantum Neurology™

Quantum Neurology™ is a post-graduate specialty in neurological rehabilitation. Quantum Neurology™ produces significant levels of rehabilitation to restore function to the nervous system. The nervous system is the master control of body functions. To liken it to a computer, it is the central processMaureen Coleman Brochureing unit. Everything from allergies to surgical scars has a ‘software program’ to the nervous system. Through specific evaluation and correction, damaged nerves can be rehabilitated to a functional state. Many injuries or conditions that are slow to heal respond well when neurologically rehabilitated. Injuries that have not responded can progress rapidly with neurological rehabilitation.

When a person suffers from an injury, illness or condition, the nervous system reacts by creating neurological weaknesses throughout the body. This pattern of weakness Is called the Neuro Expression™. These reaction patterns are unique to the individual, some producing minimal challenge, others resulting in significant illness, injury or condition. Effectiveness of these methods has been demonstrated in a variety of individuals, ranging from top ranked athletes to autistic individuals. With application of these methods, your nervous system can become functionally rehabilitated.

Quantum Neurology™ utilizes non-invasive application of low level light therapy and gentle corrections. The sessions are done in a brief to moderate office visit as needed.



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