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Moving!!! Again!

We are back where we started 20 years ago! Near the corner of Eubank and Candelaria at 9809 Candelaria Blvd Bldg C.  See you there!


Methylation Basics

Methylation Basics December 27, 2015 So, you’ve heard the word methylation but are unsure exactly what that means? It is definitely the hottest topic in health care today. Not just in the natural health care world but also in mainstream medicine. Information that comes from having your genetic test done is providing incredible information about […]


Methylation Update

With Methylation becoming a real buzzword in the natural healing world, lots of practitioners are jumping on board.  There are many opinions out there about how to handle methylation defects and how to evaluate them.  What I have learned in the last two years is that it is a complicated and very individual process.  One […]


EFT-Emotional Freedom at Last!

Emotional Freedom technique is sweeping the country! It is the most profound technique to come out of natural healing and energy medicine to date. With this technique many have been able to overcome limiting beliefs, phobias, traumatic events and anxieties very quickly and permanently. This stunning discovery in how the body works sound almost too […]


The Best of Both Worlds, Natural Health and Allopathic Medicine

Dr. J Dunn The Line has been drawn and it needs to be erased. Where is it written that you can’t combine natural medicine with allopathic medicine?? It is very rare that you run into a practitioner on either side and get a balanced viewpoint about the other. With all the talk about integrative medicine, […]


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